Nelly Bablumian, LMT

Nelly is a graduate of the Finger Lakes School of Massage in Mt.Kisco, NY with well over 1000 hours of massage therapy education. Her passion in life is working with her hands, as most of the things in her life are hand crafted. She believes that bodywork and healing touch are a sacred experience, one that can be transformative and immensely powerful. She brings her healing energy and intuitive touch to create each session in tune with every client's needs.

She incorporates into her healing massage her study of Shiatsu, Japanese acupressure, medical massage, Connective/deep tissue therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Polarity Energetic Healing Therapy, among others. She has worked with clients with herniated disks, fibromyalgia, sciatica, emotional as well as physical trauma and stress, prenatal care, rotator cuff injuries, golf and tennis elbow, and many other difficulties.

Prior to massage therapy, Nelly studied as a director and writer of physical theatre and drama therapy for many years and has continued to produce ritual and poetic theatre locally in the Hudson Valley. The connection between physical theatre and therapeutic touch has been surprisingly and powerfully strong, as in essence both are a study in the human body in connection to its inner world as well as a creation of a safe space for the body to do what it needs to do. Though these modalities can be healing, the therapist is not the one that "heals". It is the body that is given permission to heal itself with facilitation. Thus, the human body and its power are without limit.